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Thanks so much for your interest in The Devil’s Game. After playing the demo there were some questions that came up. Namely about the gangs and their backgrounds. I actually go through some of that in chapter 2 which follows on from the events after the attack on Proclamation Day. But I’ll introduce them here in this article:


They are a group of nomadic cyber criminals who hide behind proxies (VPN), aliases, DNS blocks, modified communications cards and other security measures. They have a strict hierarchy of control over their splinter cells called “affiliates” which they use to both stay hidden and attack and dissuade others, by gathering incriminating evidence and blackmailing their targets. There are four main aliases that control the Bulls;

Eli Green – Male, 40yrs, 5’8”. “The Prophet” Eli was introduced when he met his end at San Pedro during the peace deal that went wrong. With his death the Bulls have aggressively increased their attacks causing paranoia among the other gangs as they are forced to suspect everyone around them to be Bull splinter cells. As a result the Russians and HHH are weary about technology to the point that they almost abandon any form of computer technology out of fear.

Longman – Male, 38yrs, 5’7”. “The Coordinator” He plans a framework for the Bulls to successfully carry out their attacks. An intellectual known to excel in human psychology and manipulation.

Shodan – Female, 22yrs, 5’2”. “The Ghost” She is the youngest of the Bulls but also the most dangerous. She coordinates splinter cells through almost telepathic means.

Soloman – Male, 68, 6’0”. “The Boss” He is a veteran computer security expert with in-depth knowledge of all the Bulls members real identities. He also keeps the groups darkest secrets.


Vladmir Volkov, Yury Volkov and Maya Volkov a family that founded the Russian mob. They are involved in much of the city’s import and export businesses and are mainly responsible for importing weapons, cigarettes, alcohol and medicines. Since the beginning the Russians recruited loyal followers and are known for their brutal torture techniques in getting people to talk. Most of the city in some way pay the Russian’s protection money.

Vladmir Volkov – Male, 35, 6’3”. “Brother Vlad” Vladmir was a calm business man who respected hard work and loyalty. He was also a great peacekeeper and played the main role in establishing trade and export. He was introduced at San Pedro Terminal where he was murdered with Eli and Diego. The Russians have taken his death personally and are out to get revenge on their brother’s killers.

Yury Volkov – Male, 29, 6’0”. “Brother Yury” He is a mad man who earned the name “The Jackal” for his love of hunting, torture and killing. He is the main muscle of the gang and commands respect through fearlessness and combat. He controls the Russian’s main army and oversees training and recruitment.

Maya Volkov – Female, 29, 5’6”. “Sister Maya” She is an elite soldier and combat specialist. She excels at all aspects of combat especially close quarters. She leads a terrifying elite squad of assassins known as the Black Hand.


HHH are known for their historical affiliations with the Colombian drug cartels. They are almost solely responsible for the supply of drugs and prostitution in the city. They are also known for their efficiency in dealing with competition. Often they would kidnap children and force their families to work for them. They have a wide reach and use their spies and dealers to move product around the city. The most notable names are:

Hector Castro – Male, 35, 5’8”. is the leader of the drug cartel HHH.

Diego Hernandez – Male, 35, 6’0”. Diego was Hector’s cousin and right hand man but was killed at San Pedro Terminal in a bad deal. He was a very confident and strong person who would have been able to survive any attack or torturing. It only makes the situation more serious that he died.

Emilio Garcia – Male, 28, 5’8”. Emilio is Hector’s cousin.

Franco Ramos – Male, 31, 5’8”. Franco is Hector’s cousin.

Lucia Castro – Female, 56, 5’6”. Mother to Hector and Luna. She is a religious woman who cares for her children above all else.

Luna Castro – Female, 21, 5’2”. Lucia’s daughter and Hector’s baby sister. Luna is wild and outspoken. She often will get into trouble and expect her older brother to bail her out. However, deep inside she is troubled and soulful.

That’s about all I have time for. I haven’t introduced the Diablo gang yet as they probably deserve their own article and I give some ideas as to who they are in chapter 2.

Thanks for reading!

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